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Do Emergency Responders Even Look
for a Medical ID?

American Medical ID recently surveyed emergency medical professionals ranging from first responders to paramedics. Among the results:

  • More than 95% of respondents look for a medical ID during emergencies.

  • More than 75% look for a medical ID immediately upon assessing a patient.

  • 95% look at the patient's wrist to find a medical ID, and 68% look for an ID on the patient's neck.

Promoting GRACE During
Periods of Crisis

Wearing our wristband, lanyards, hoodies and t-shirts or carrying our hidden disability ID card will provide you with additional tools and feeling of comfort for navigating daily stress and societal triggers.

When individuals with BPD find themselves experiencing a mental health crisis, we also hope these products will encourage others to pause and apply a

de-escalation approach known as GRACE:

1. GRANT me extra time to process and respond

2. RESPOND to my needs, not my emotions

3. ASK me what I need and listen without judgment

4. CONFIRM your desire to help, not harm

5. EXPLAIN next steps, including available support strategies 

Respond vs. React

Press Pause Crisis Wristbands


"I was out with co-workers and felt tightness in my chest and suddenly couldn't breathe or form a sentence. However, I was able to point to my wristband, alerting the group that I was in crisis and having a panic attack.""

- V.Brown

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Hidden Disability ID Card


" I presented my ID card at an urgent care facility in Sandy Springs, GA and they ignored it and did not adjust their treatment approach. Lucky for me, they were not able to treat me due to my blood pressure being at a critical stage, and advised me to go to Northside hospital. As soon as the folks at Northside saw my card - EVERYONE I came in contact with during a very scary experience treated me with grace and compassion!"


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Hidden Disability Lanyard


"While I overheard one of the paramedics stating 'they had never seen this lanyard before' - she took the time to read it and instead of firing questions at me, gave me the time I needed to get my bearings and I was able to communicate that I was having a mental health crisis and let them know what hospital I wanted to go to - even though it was a bit farther from where they wanted to take me."


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Coming Soon...
Out Loud Voice Hoodies 

We invite you to "Say it with your chest!" by purchasing our Out Loud Voice hoodies! 

We encourage all members of The Human Grace Collective to submit their own Out Loud Voice expressions (i.e., quotes or statements that bring you a sense of comfort or empowerment). And if we select your suggestion for our next t-shirt or hoodie collection, we will share the profits with you!

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