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Client Trainings

Did you know police forces are required to complete 40 hours of crisis intervention training? (CBS News 2021) Imagine what would happen if we added G.R.A.C.E Certification Training into this mix!
Our training deepens understanding , accelerates recognition of those in distress, builds confidence in applying alternative de-escalation methods, and promotes safety for all involved.
Our team uses the 5A’s Model to reinvent mental health awareness and training. By the end of our training program, participants will learn how to quickly recognize a mental health warrior and pause, employ alternate actions that help deescalate highly charged situations.
Our training is based on the 5 A’s:
Awareness + Alternate Actions + Accountability = Alive

Who Should Attend

  • Police Forces

  • First Responders

  • School Administrators & Resource Officers

  • Providers: Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Community - Based

  • Advocates

  • Legislators

  • Caregivers

Training Programs

(Virtual and Onsite Options are Available)

Awareness Training

Unpack unconscious bias spectrum – we are all on it!

Understand and learn how to listen, communicate, and support diverse populations

Participants will learn to recognize physical, emotional, and psychological triggers and develop mood management and self-control strategies

Participant will learn the 5A’s

Certification Training

Accelerate your career as a certified 5A’s facilitator

We follow the same agenda – participants will have to stay an extra week for observation, simulation, and certification

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