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Career Development Trends for Individuals with BPD

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Deloitte's Approach to Mental Health

Excerpt Taken from Thrive Global’s Interview with

Deloitte’s Chief Mental Health Officer


TG: Why is it important to have to focus on psychological health at work? What does the Chief Mental Health Officer do to advance mental health in the workplace?

DM: Psychological health is an imperative that businesses should focus on and prioritize.  Done thoughtfully, organizations can design and deliver solutions to help their professionals perform and thrive in the workplace. Organizations that invest in the psychological health of their employees prepare their workforce for strong outcomes both personally and professionally, and help ensure strong engagement, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

The Chief Mental Health Officer (CMHO) plays an important role in an organization, not only by creating resources and programs that address those complex issues that can emerge at work, but they also can create opportunities for the workforce to learn how to protect their experiences across the entire spectrum of psychological health.  The CMHO helps shape solutions and services that fit the unique needs of an organization and its people.  

Additionally, they elevate and promote more discussion around psychological health at work to help advance and guide psychological health approaches in the workplace. It simply becomes part of business as usual and an integral part of an organization’s strategy."

See full article here:  Mental Health at Work: Lessons From a Chief Mental Health Officer - Thrive Global

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