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The way you treat me is your path, the way I react is mine!

Our Mission

Increase the level of G.R.A.C.E and support shown to individuals navigating borderline personality disorder (BPD), especially during periods of crisis​!

Work towards shifting the stigma of BPD and other severe forms of mental illness.

Our Vision

To provide an extra layer of armor for individuals with BPD, especially during periods of crisis by offering: hidden disability ID cards / lanyards, wristbands, hoodies / t-shirts, biometric wearables, and VR gaming solutions.

To offer a community and safe space for individuals with BPD to celebrate their authentic selves, including online resources, a vent line, virtual career coaching, Out Loud Voice hoodies, and a bi-weekly support group .

To evolve conversations and facilitate innovative training, resulting in a shift of the negative narrative to a recovery-focused mindset towards individuals with BPD and other personality disorders.

To raise funding to develop and provide hidden disability ID cards,

I Might Be in Crisis wristbands / lanyards, VR gaming experiences and biometric wearables, advance BPD research and legislation, and provide access to existing and innovative resources, including opening a support hub called Grace Cafe.

Why BPD is a Public Health Crisis?


There are at least 11 million members of the BPD tribe, and more than half have limited or no access to specialized therapy or resources.


The Human Grace Collective wants to empower a collective mindset shift, drive compassion and support, promote de-escalation in highly charged situations, and advocate for affordable mental health solutions for individuals living with BPD. As a collective, together we have the power to change the stigma and increase understanding.

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